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The Protocol

60 Video Tutorials

Watch 60 video tutorials which are about weightlifting (mostly Bodybuilding & Powerlifting) and general fitness.

Powerlifting Cycle Generator

Just put in your current Personal Records, choose your targets, and choose between a Basic, Step and Wave Cycle.

Random Workout Generator

Choose what and how you want to train and you will get a randomly generated workout.

Exercise Catalog

Browse by body part and get detailed information for more than 100 exercises.

Calorie Counting

Find out how many calories you need to achieve your weight goal and keep track of them throughout the day. You will have access to a list with a lot of foods and drinks and you can also add your own foods & drinks.

21 Days Challenge

It takes 21 days of healthy eating and it will become a habit! This is a helpful feature to keep you motivated and to keep track of your progress.


Choose between multiple timers to help you keep track of your rest time in between sets. You can also add your own timers.

Home Gym

You want to know what you need to set up your own home gym? You'll see which items are mandatory & optional.


This converter allows you to convert easily between lbs and kg, which might come in handy for competitions.


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